11 More States and the District of Columbia Increase Minimum Wage Requirements

As of January 1, 2015, twenty-nine states have minimum wage requirements higher than the federal-mandated $7.25 per hour. Ten states – Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia – along with the District of Columbia increased their minimum wage effective January 1, 2015. New York raised its minimum wage on December 31, 2014. Another four states – Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota – increased their minimum wage requirements through ballot measures in 2014. Several more states have seen increases due to inflation-indexing.
The increases range from $0.12 (Florida) to $1.25 (South Dakota). Of those states which chose to increase their minimum wage, five also implemented inflation indexing measures, meaning that as inflation affects prices, wages should rise to keep pace.