North Carolina Wage and Hour Act

Class or Collective ActionsThe state authorities recognized the need to draft a statute that matched the federal guidelines under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  While North Carolina is a state with an unfortunate history of labor violations, and things are certainly better today than in the past, there remain pockets of abuse. Often, the actions are so subtle as to go virtually unnoticed by employees for a long time. Yet, when someone comes forward, we are a law firm that can help bring justice and win possible settlements for the victims.

Some employers want to circumvent state minimum wage laws. They often find ingenious ways to avoid paying the required amount(s). For example, it is not unheard of for them to list workers as waiters or waitresses, eligible for tips, in order to pay them the lower service wage.  Also, it is common to misclassify employees as exempt from overtime or as independent contractors.   Anyone who believes that they have been misclassified should speak with a lawyer to determine whether they have been paid correctly.

Lastly, workers can find themselves unpaid for their promised vacation time, which could be a violation of the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act.  Many companies dislike having to let employees have time off; however, if an employer promises an employee the vacation time, It is illegal for employees to be terminated prior to taking the time off, only to avoid permitting employees from taking the vacation time, that they rightfully deserve or that they were promised would be paid.

Anyone facing problems receiving pay they deserve under the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act should contact the Law Offices of Gilda A. Hernandez. We are a proud North Carolina firm which handles claims of unpaid wages and overtime, in the state and nationwide.