Individual or Class and Collective Actions

Class or Collective ActionsOur firm can represent you on either an individual or class/collective action basis.  Depending on the best litigation strategy, we can determine whether your claim is best suited to proceed individually, as a class representative, or as an opt-in plaintiff or class member. Class actions can be particularly effective when there are several, hundreds, or even thousands of employees who have been victims of the same or similar compensation scheme.   If each person that suffered unpaid wages had to fight it out alone in court, the entire system would be clogged. Many employees would have to settle for unfairly low amounts or walk away empty-handed. Thus, our firm has represented thousands of employees in class action suits.

A delay in pursuing, joining, or not joining, an existing or new action, could mean the loss of an extinguished potential claim.

Anyone who believes that they have a claim against their employer for an illegal compensation practice that affects others should speak with us at the Law Offices of Gilda A. Hernandez.   We are a compassionate North Carolina firm which handles unpaid wages and overtime issues, also serving clients nationwide.

A wrong decision about joining, or not joining, a lawsuit, could mean the loss of legal status to bring a suit in the future. If there is a pattern of unpaid wages in a workplace, then there is a group of people who deserve to bring their case as class or collective action.

Anyone involved or wanting to undertake a class or collective action against their employer should speak with us at the Law Offices of Gilda A. Hernandez.