Restaurant Chain Settles Class / Collective Action

In September 2017, after over three years of litigation, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina granted final approval to the settlement in the class and collective action brought against a seventeen (17) location restaurant chain in North Carolina. The Court had previously granted preliminary approval in July 2017. The settlement secured a $2.5 million recovery for a class of restaurant employees who asserted claims for nonpayment of regular and overtime wages lawfully due.

Following the Court’s preliminary and final approval of the settlement, eligible class members were provided until November 30, 2017, to submit claim forms and receive distribution from the settlement. In addition to compensating employees for damages owed, the restaurant chain also agreed to conduct semi-annual audits and training for all of its restaurant managers and supervisors, to ensure that they prospectively comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to compensation and recordkeeping practices.

The Plaintiffs in this matter were represented by attorneys from The Law Offices of Gilda A. Hernandez, PLLC, and Lee & Braziel, LLP.